Toan Q. Nguyen

I'm a 4th year PhD student at University of Notre Dame, focusing on (Neural) Machine Translation for low-resource languages. My advisor is David Chiang.

I used to work as a freelance developer for a company called Tripchum where I was mentored by Christ, the founder, and the rising-author/developer President Huy. Then I spent some time at the wonderful EastAgile.

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Improving Lexical Choice in Neural Machine Translation
Toan Nguyen, David Chiang
NAACL, 2018  
bibtext code slides talk it's also mentioned here
Transfer Learning across Low-Resource, Related Languages for Neural Machine Translation
Toan Nguyen, David Chiang
IJCNLP, 2017  
bibtext code poster it's also mentioned here. Thanks a lot for the poster template Colin
Neural Machine Translation of Text from Non-Native Speakers
Antonios Anastasopoulos, Alison Lui, Toan Nguyen, David Chiang
NAACL, 2019  
code data
ELISA System Description for LoReHLT 2017
Leon Cheung, Thamme Gowda, Ulf Hermjakob, Nelson Liu, Jonathan May, Alexandra Mayn, Nima Pourdamghani, Michael Pust, Kevin Knight, Nikolaos Malandrakis, Pavlos Papadopoulos, Anil Ramakrishna, Karan Singla, Victor Martinez, Colin Vaz, Dogan Can, Shrikanth Narayanan, Kenton Murray, Toan Nguyen , David Chiang, Xiaoman Pan, Boliang Zhang, Ying Lin, Di Lu, Lifu Huang, Kevin Blissett, Tongtao Zhang, Heng Ji, Ondrej Glembek, Murali Karthick Baskar, Santosh Kesiraju, Lukas Burget, Karel Benes, Igor Szoke, Karel Vesely, Jan Honza Cernocky, Camille Goudeseune, Mark Hasegawa Johnson, Leda Sari, Wenda Chen and Angli Liu.
Proc. LoReHLT 2017

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